Architect Elisabetta Ciocca


Elisabetta Ciocca was born in Milan in 1962. After a Science High School Diploma she graduated in Architecture at Genoa University in 1987 with top marks, achieving the Italian State license to pratice in the same year.
After a short academic experience at the University of Architecture in Genoa in the Construction Technologies Department and several professional experiences in some Architectural Firms in Genoa and Milan, she founded her own Architectural Firm in Milan dealing both with residential and business property renovations.
She speaks English and French.



Philosophy Elisabetta Ciocca


Each project is a new representation to be created according to the client’s requirements, needs and taste. The ability to listen, in order to internalize people’s needs, is a fundamental element of respect and success of her work.
Elegance, sobriety and also creativity, supported by a great attention to project analisys and attention in her choice of type and quality of materials, are key points to achieve goals. Moreover, the management of the building site represents the cornerstone of the projects’s fulfillment : for this reason, the dedicated and daily diligence in solving the complexities in respect of the previously defined timetables, becomes a significant element.



Elisabetta Ciocca Office


The firm operates in the field of residential architecture, interior design and decor. It realized renovation of properties and villas in Milan, in tourist resorts and in Switzerland; also realized renovation of offices, swimming pool design, interior design studio and development of building material for yachts.
The firm, which takes advantage of external consultants with whom a strong professional relationship has been established throughout the years, also deals with possible engineering aspects, with administrative and financial compliance, with safety plans, certifications of energy performance and bureaucratic authorizations and filings.